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Just Imagine

2 words that make me think of so many things, but “Just Imagine” where your life would be if there was one moment in time, one thing that was different, what would it be?

My moment would be on my 8th birthday when I was given a Kodak 124 camera that I used all the time. The photos are horrible, but it was the beginning of something special, a light was ignited in me to take pictures.

I have since continued to graduate to better cameras, and much better photography, but I really can’t even imagine what difference it would have made in my life had I not received that first camera and had never been to take pictures.

Photography has been such a source for me to express myself and to capture all my favorite things. Sometimes I’d rather see the crowd in a room full of people through the lens of my camera, capturing all the emotions, feelings, and conversations of others than I would like to be the one standing in the crowd. I’m not an introvert, quite the opposite. I love people and being able to capture their emotions is fantastic. I also love the work I do and I love bringing a smile to someone who has seen their photos for the first time.

What I do, I do because of a little Kodak camera a birthday gift from my parents. Their gift was my inspiration and my passion.

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