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The DF Bride

A DF Bride is confident, kind, graceful and appreciative. She'll go out of her way to do something special for someone by creating an experience unlike any others. She's established, professional and successful in her career, knows what she wants and is driven to be better. She’s proud of her accomplishments, she loves fashion, she’s modern classic and comfortable either dressed up or dressed down and always looks amazing.

She’s enjoys Saturday jazz at the local coffee shop with friends enjoying her favorite coffee with her dog at her feet. She loves to travel to far off locations, enjoys amazing architecture and beautiful art. Her idea of the perfect wedding lwould be a beautiful scenic destination near the water or a spectacular view, a beautifully designed home, mansion or a vineyard where she could spend the weekend celebrating with family and friends or a quiet place for an intimate gathering.

She’s visibly in love with her partner and together they are perfectly aligned. He smiles at her silliness, and shows how much he admires her beauty. They enjoy time together, biking, walking their dogs, traveling, going to concerts or just snuggling at home with a movie and dinner. Their love is natural and completely genuine. Watching them together one would know that what they have is special and very lasting.

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