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Part Two of the Germany Destination Wedding

Part Two

Waking up to an open window and the sound of church bells playing outside is something I could get used to very quickly. The kind of sound that seemed the perfect start on this wedding day along with the birds and country noises that we don’t hear where we live in the United States.

The day was starting like a normal wedding day. Sarina had her hair done first thing in the morning and was accompanied back to her house with her two friends and her Mother Enid for make-up getting dressing for the wedding. I was happy to be a part of the festivities with the ladies and I was able to photograph the girls and Sarina’s Mom during this traditional part of the day.

Sarina putting earrings are while her Mom is checking to make sure everything is perfect with her daughter

Mother of the Bride with one last check before they leave for the wedding.

When we arrived at the church I let Sarina’s Dad escort her into the church before I took my place next to Pat in the the church. Together we listened as the service started. Spoken in German, except for some of the more popular music that was played, we were still able to grasp the meaning and emotion of the service and how moving it was. Pat and I were so moved and emotional while we sat listening, that I really felt like took our own relationship together to a new level of love.

Proud Dad of the Bride seeing her for the first time as she exists the car

Bride and her proud Dad as the prepare to walk into the church