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Getting Engaged, What’s Next

Love happens by surprise. It’s usually never planned, it’s not marked on your calendar saying, “today I will meet the person I will marry and fall head over heels in love with.” It’s just a serendipitous event where the stars are a alined and you’re where you're meant to be in that moment to meet the person you will spend your life with. So, like the surprising event of falling in love, so too is an engagement. A moment that 2 people come together and make the beginning of a lifetime bond together. In my mind, I have a picture of what I envision for the perfect engagement. Just an intimate moment of meaningful conversation at a place that is thought out, romantic and has a meaning to us as a couple. Nothing fancy, but just thought out. As much as I think about and so does everyone another young woman, it will probably never be the way you envision it to be in your mind. You’ve been dating as a couple for a while now and even talked about getting married. Yet the night that your significant other proposes to you is not the way you envisioned it to be. You were thinking a romantic dinner along the river, candlelight, music, a new black dress and time for a manicure so that new ring would look fabulous. Well, that isn’t always the reality of it. What really happened is you were sitting together watching a movie together on your couch, in your comfy clothes, hair up and no make-up sobbing over the love story that is on in front of you. He puts the movie on pause, gets up for a box of tissues so he can dry your tears and stops to say how beautiful you are. Right there, he gets down on one knee and professes his love for you. It’s happens that fast. Your engaged! Now as you gaze lovingly at your left hand and the ring that is carefully place on your ring finger, your thinking you have the most wonderful person in the whole world. Something else, just keep it to yourself for a couple of days. Enjoy the moment, because as soon as you make the big announcement, everyone will now become expert wedding planner. Buy yourself some time, I mean you waited this long, what’s a few more days. Once your engaged

Jenn is showing off that gorgeous engagement ring that Michael gave her for their engagement

Go get that manicure and cute little dress and show off that ring just as you want. Hire a photographer to do some engagement photos of you and your new fiancé together and it can all be planned out just the way you envisioned it to be. Then post you’re your engagement story and photos on your Social Media or save it for your Wedding Blog once you have the details of your wedding together. It would be a lovely page to post about your story and journey together. The proposal can be full of nerves and anxiety and maybe an empty pocket for your partner afterwards. Immediately planning your wedding maybe, the last thing to think of now. Planning a proposal can be stressful. I’m saying this because, as a Bride, your first thoughts are to start planning the wedding, immediately. I’d be the same but slow your thoughts down just a bit. Give your new fiancé just a few days to catch their breath and enjoy the moment. You’ll be engaged one time, so enjoy the magic euphoria and love and let it sink in. Congratulations on your engagement!


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