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People are Like a Sunsets

I’m fascinated by sunsets. Each evolving and developing slowly into something amazing. Every night they’re different, unique and beautiful offering colors and shades that continue to change even after the sun sets. It reminded me that people are like a sunset. Each taking their time to develop, grow, change and over time turn into extraordinary and unique individuals. Each beautiful in their own way. ,Even as adults we continue to learn, evolve and change creating the many shades and layers of wisdom, knowledge and experience. So next time you find yourself out to enjoy a sunset, really watch and don’t leave right away once the sun has gone down, because often, as in life, the best is yet to come. When did you stop last to watch a sunset? What were your thoughts?

As a photographer, the best time to capture photos sessions is during the Golden hour. That magical time two hours before Sunset or up to 2 hours after sunrise when the lighting is just beautiful.

Apps to try for Golden Hour, Sunsets or Weather are listed below.

The Golden Hour

Helios - Magic Hour Calculator

Sunset Seeker

Weather Underground which also gives you an hour by hour report and sunset times

My Radar from NOAA

Live Weather

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