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Choosing your Wedding Day Perfume

A fragrance serves as a personal scent memory trigger to cherished friends and loved ones. A fragrance can linger on clothes, in room, or in the air. It’s a powerful reminder that will conjure memories and remind us of a moment, an occasion, a day or an experience. So powerful in fact, that days, months and years may pass and just the scent of a passing stranger will trigger a reminder of why that scent is important. If chosen correctly it will be unforgettable. The idea of choosing a wedding scent is that when you wear the perfume on an anniversary or evening out, the scent memory will overwhelm you with strong nostalgia for nuptials. On the most important day of your life, you not only want to look great, you want to smell irresistible too but here are 10 things to keep in mind.

1. Take into consideration the time of year and where your wedding will take place. Inside or out, hot or cold, you want to wear something light, crisp and not overpowering or heavy.

2. Start looking in advance of the wedding day giving yourself 3 choices at a time so your doing get overwhelmed. Remember, scents change throughout the day or from person to person based on your body chemistry. So what smelled great on your best friend may not be the same for you.

3. In the same way that you should opt for relatively natural makeup so that you still look like you, you want to smell like you too. If you’re choosing a new perfume, find one that’s not totally different to what you’d usually wear, so that even though you’ll smell different, you’ll still smell like you to your husband. 4. It has been said that your perfume scent should be closely linked to your wardrobe. Do you favor minimalist designs? Seek out citrus perfume. If your clothes are romantic and feminine, find something floral. If your wardrobe is glamorous you will be drawn to woody scents. And, for the daring, fashion-forward lady, try oriental or musk scents. 5. Match your scent to your chosen wedding dress and you can’t go wrong! 6. Use unscented shampoos or lotions ahead of time so that you don’t combine scents. You only want your perfume to be the star of the day. 7. Apply lotions or perfumes before you dress and add jewelry so you don’t stain or discolor anything. 8. Always wear a fragrance from the bottom up. At the ankles, behind the knees, in-between the thighs, in the crook of the elbow and the pulse point. Wrists, the cleavage and at the nape of the neck. This way as the fragrance rises, it will envelop you and will create a blanket of scent around you. Be careful not to overpower the scent. 9. Heat and humidity can intensify scents so try using just the lotion or Eau de toilette and save the perfumes for cooler weather months. 10. Let your florist know what your perfume choice you’ve made. Have them help you choose flowers that will not overpower the fragrance you worked so hard to choose.

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