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Weather, Weddings and Cancellations What to Do

Weddings are not always clear sailing. This week the unthinkable is happening in the Mid-Atlantic and southern states. At the peak of hurricane season, September being one of the top months to marry comes with a price tag in the east and south. So, what happens in this instance when the town your to be married in is under evacuation and your venue cancels, your vendors cancel and you have guests that either have to leave town or others that can’t even get there. Essentially the day you have been planning for over a year has just gone bust. Here are some steps to help if in climate weather affects the outcome of your wedding day.💦 . 1️⃣Ask for help, phone a friend asap! The steps you take are urgent and time is of the essences. and you probably are upset and anxious and will not have a clear head to think of everything.📞 . 2️⃣Contact your Venue immediately and inquire about options. I guarantee you this is hurting them every bit as much as it’s hurting you and they will try to do all that they can to help you make other arrangements. You may be about to work around your original day within a day or two or you may need to pick an entirely new day. Be flexible to Fridays or Sunday dates or do they have sister locations that might work.😟 . 3️⃣Contact all your Vendors in one email statement to let them know of the new date and plan. There is the possibility that the new date may conflict with something they already had booked, in which case it is possible that you will lose your deposit. Ask them for referrals if the date you need has already been booked. Ask your wedding planner for help or ask the venue for a recommendation.🤦‍♀️ . 4️⃣This will be the part that will take some time. Send an email out to all your guests to inform them of the new date and time. Request an immediate confirmation and if you do not hear back from them within a 24-hour period, start calling. Use your Facebook or other Social Media to get the word out in addition to updating your wedding website.🖥 . 5️⃣Stay calm and breathe deep. I won’t lie, it’s extraordinary disappointing to plan for so long and then have a gosh darn Hurricane get in your way. But keep this important fact in mind, your safe, your partner is safe and so are your family and friends. Part of being a couple is weathering the storms in life. Get through this and you most assuredly have an amazing future together.❤️ . What advice can you give to a couple faced with a wedding cancellation?💦

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