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What's in my Camera Bag on Wedding Days

I have always liked to be prepared no matter the situation, but on a Wedding Day, I feel like you can’t be prepared enough. Kind of a Mom thing I guess to make sure everyone is taken care of happy and has what they need. I’m just a pleaser. 

However, there have been weddings that certain things have happened that have or could have been potentially HUGE situations. Here are some examples;

  1. My dear friend Missi went to slip on her dress just minutes before she was to make her grand entrance as the Bride. It wouldn’t zip. Missi was never one to show emotion but this day she had tears of frustration just slipping down her cheek. We tried everything. She took the dress off, it wouldn’t zip, I ran my fingers down both sides of the zipper to make sure there were no thread or fabric in the way, still nothing. Finally, I told her, I’m going to stitch you into this dress. So, that is exactly what I did. The wedding started 30 minutes late, but all was good and the ironic part is, after the wedding had passed her Mom was able to zip that zipper right up.

  2. New shoes not being broken in and causing blisters.

  3. Bride or guest is crying, I have tissues always.

  4. You don’t have time to eat, time for a quick Protein Bar

My list of what is in my bag on a wedding day whether I’m the primary photographer or helping as a second shooter.

My Camera



Batteries for the flash and Triggers

2 Flash Triggers

Camera Raincoat

Towel to wipe off the camera if it gets wet

2 camera batteries and extra charger

1 Small flash light

Lens Cleaner

Cell Phone and Charging cord or backup battery

2 bottles of water

Band aids

Bug Spray


2 or 3 Protein bars to eat on the run


Glasses Sun/Reading

Small sewing kit

Aspirin or Tylenol


Wipes and powder

Extra Equipment

2 flash stands for off camera flashes

2 Flash umbrellas

1 Reflector

1 Stool to stand on if needed

2 Clear Umbrellas for rainy day use

Comfy shoes

Rainboots just in case

I hope you might be able to use this as a check off for your Wedding Day Equipment or Must Haves. I would love to read your comments below if I’m missing anything that you think I should add.  

Happy Shooting Friends

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